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Bomvoid was my junior year project at DigiPen Institute of Technology with team of 6 programmers developed in C++ from scratch.

Bomvoid is a 3D, third-person view puzzle game which a player encounters a number of challenges to reach the goal point with not losing all the flock. The player can overlook obstacles of current level with minimap and plan the way to go through, with abilities that are temporarily providing with getting items. Also, try number counting feature gives challenging experiences.

As a technical director in the team, I managed the technical progress of the team and designed the main game mechanic and levels.


  • Designed component-based C++ engine from the scratch
  • Implemented in-game editor for platformer style map
  • Implemented puzzle system
  • Custom .ini based serialization tool for game
  • Designed entire game idea/ levels
  • Implemented main character with dynamic control of the particles
Jingyu Lee
Jingyu Lee
PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate at Human-Centered Computer Systems Lab, Seoul National University. Enthusiastic learner & programmer with game development background.